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The ROTTnROCK team studies hydrothermal alteration, which develops progressively and imperceptibly at a given volcano and may be responsible for unexpected volcanic hazards.

Rott'n'Rock is a 6-year research project funded by the ERC (synergy)!

Interactions between hydrothermal fluids and volcanic rocks permanently alter the internal structure and external appearance of volcanoes. The circulation of hot and aggressive hydrothermal fluids dissolves the original magmatic minerals and redistributes soluble elements, and therefore alters a volcano from the inside. This changes volcanoes and their hazards.


Thomas R. Walter

Volcano-tectonics and Remote Sensing at GFZ Potsdam

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Valentin R. Troll

Mineralogy and Petrology at Uppsala, Sweden

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Mike Heap

Rock physics at Strassbourg, France

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Claire Harnett

Computational modelling at UCD Dublin, Ireland

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Where is alteration and how the site change in time and space?

We determine where alteration occurs, which is the basis to study its consequences and for developing monitoring concepts. Using drones and satellites we will monitor the location, expression, deformation and variation of alteration sites.


What chemical and mineralogical changes come with alteration?

We study the chemical processes of alteration by our conjoint approaches, especially as changes to the alteration mineralogy. We will build a new lab and simulate alteration processes.


What is the physical change that comes with alteration?

We study the physical processes of alteration, especially the result in changes to strength and stability. In our labs we will perform experiments simulating the geological, chemical, and physical factors of rock alteration.


What are the hazard consequences of alteration?

We study why volcanic hazards occur without warning, and how alteration changes and controls the sites of fluid migration, eruptions, and hazards associated with volcanic collapses (faulting, dome and flank instability).

We are looking for collaborations, talents and we are hiring!

Please contact us if you have strong interests in volcanoes and alteration, remote sensing, rock mechanics, mineralogy and computing, and seek new challenges. 

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